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Various Makes and Models.
Mostly solid cars in need of minimal structural welding for sale.

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 Ford Cortina restoration project
Project cars for sale ..Cars for restoration Ford Escort Projec
This project has now ceased due to changes in financial market making it unviable .

We have totally closed and are also no longer the service to UK register imported cars
For guidance, we wish to point out that there is a lot of misleading info here on the web and although it is a tedious task, do not be out off if DVLA to not accept your first application  ( they usually do ) they will eventually accept what is available, on some occations they will , if all else fails, send out someone to physically check the existance of the vehicle
it appears that each person at thei Dvla has different interpretation of the latest regs but they have to discount each  proof of age if not available before moving on to the next on their list .... It is almost always much better to go thru an appropriate DVLA approved  owners club   ... list is on their web site ...  

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 estore. Mk1 Escort project. Mk2 Escort project. Cortina project. . on. 
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