Project Cars

About us

Eddie ...   (Uk Sales Agent)

I have been in and around the motor trade most of my working life, from working in a small local country garage, to workshop foreman of a large body repair shop before eventually taking the plunge and starting my own limited company, Now semi retired and doing this as a part time "hoby " venture coverin my costs hopefully , and helping other classic car enthusiasts as I had difficulty finding a good solid project to restore in my shed 
After much searching and many contacts I found, almost by accident,  John in Australia, where they drive on the propper side of the road, He had the same idea as me and had already started exporting the very cars back to the Uk and wanted a SALES AGENT to handle the sales in the Uk,  marketing  the cars on his behalf 

     John.    ( Principal ) 
                          (  Coopers Classic Cars ,

                             Beverley S.A.  Australia,)

John emigrated from the Uk some 40+ years ago and has worked in, and run the family motor trade buisinesses all of his working life. He, like me,  has a passion for old and classic cars and  has accumulated a collection of old British cars of his own. . We have taken most of last year setting up and honing the process with a few dummy runs and now hoping to bring in containers on a regular baisisif it proves profitable.